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Arrests 11-5-12

November 5, 2012

in Police Reports

The Pettis County Sheriff’s Department has released the following recent arrest reports:

• Dmitriy Vla Balaban, 23, 907 McVey Road, 24-hour hold, possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana; possession of more than 35 grams of marijuana; 24-hour hold, tampering with physical evidence.

• Richard Russell Rhea, 30, Green Ridge, parole vioilation; 24-hour hold, use or possession of drugs, paraphernalia; 24-hour hold, possession of 35 grams of less of marijuana.

• Darin Casey Greenway, 41, 22527 Highway 65, 48-hour commitment, defective equipment.

• Kim Dale Klindworth, 50, Stover, Morgan County hold, failure to appear, driving while revoked.

• Jonathan William Henry, 34, 219 East Saline, 60-day work release commitment, driving while license was revoked.

• Michael Dean Cooley, 52, 1509 North Ohio, 120-day commitment, driving while license was revoked.

• Douglas Eugene Bolejack, 47, 406 West Seventh, violation of a full order of protection.

• Michael Ray Fritchey, 30, 3602 South Kentucky, 24-hour hold, first degree burglary; 24-hour hold, stealing.

• Brian Richard Barr, 38, listed as homelss, possession of drugs with intent to deliver; possession of a controlled substance.

• Melody Renee Roades, 44, Warsaw, stealing, unlawful use of drug paraphernalia.

• Arlando Cortez Staten, 20, Kansas City, failure to appear for resisting or interfering with an arrest and driving while suspended.

• Brennah Dawn Bowler, 25, Smithton, 60-day commitment, endangering the welfare of a child.

• Crystel Danette Kearney, 50, Smithton, first degree tampering; felony driving while intoxicated (alcohol); driving while license was revoked; leaving the scene of an accident; careless and imprudent driving.

• Todd Allen Harvey, 33, Knob Noster, failure to appear, assault.

• Tiffany Lorraine Kizzire, 23, 1823 South Barrett, 48-hour commitment, defective equipment.

• John Dee Yager, 25, 230 South Prospect, suspended or revoked license.

• Terry Allen Bourgeois, 56, Warrensbug, 30-day commitment, driving while revoked.

• Alexander Marion Clemons Jr., 50, 1012 East 10th, Taney County hold, leaving the scene of an accident.

• Edwin Perry Goss, 37, listed as homeless, 24-hour hold, shoplifting.

• Brian Michael Zafarano, 34, 1300 South Ohio, 48-hour commitment, contempt of court.

• Saul Armando Lopez-Fuentes, 38, 1612 East Fourth, 48-hour commitment, driving while suspended.

• Kimberly Michaelle Moore, 27, 410 South Grand, failure to appear, child safety seat; transporting a child under four without a restraint system; possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana.

• Charles Michael Billingsley, 25, 320 West 10th, 48-hour commitment, stealing.

• Caleb Allen Perry, 18, 726 West Seventh, failure to appear, possession of marijuana.

• Lesther Maria Reedy, 52, 1404 South Mildred, failure to appear, vicious animal.

• Gregory Jay Padgett, 64, 1600 Clarendon Road, driving while intoxicated (alcohol).

• Benjamin Franklyn Hinsberger, 1204 West 11th, 48-hour commitment, assault.

• Allen Benjamin Prouty, 42, 2850 South Ingram, vehicle theft.

• Mark Andrew Montano, 17, 2905 Meadow Wood Drive, careless and imprudent driving; no driver’s license.

• Ernest Lee Brown, 30, 3004 Jerome Drive, driving while license was revoked.

• Dray Darnell Perry, 20, 1721 East Sixth, 48-hour commitment, defective equipment.

• Tara Lynn Kirtley, 24, 615 State Fair Blvd., driving while intoxicated (alcohol).

• Christopher Scott Jones, 38, Kansas City, 48-hour commitment, third degree domestic assault.

• Brian Edward Jackson, 36, LaMonte, 24-hour hold, second degree domestic assault; 24-hour hold, armed criminal action; 24-hour hold, unlawful use of a weapon.

• John M. Ostendorf, 41, 1010 West Fourth, driving while intoxicated (alcohol).

• Keria Maria Vansel, 29, Lincoln, possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana.

• Alexander F. Knipp, 24, 312 West 11th, stealing; 24-hour hold, second degree burglary; 24-hour hold, possession of burglar tools; 24-hour hold, second degree property damage.

• Richard Joseph Batzel, 26, 515 East 14th, failure to appear, no license, driving while suspended, animals at large.

• Mark Tyson Albright, 32, Hughesville, possession of a controlled substance.

• Mark Allen Lancaster, 36, 1503 West Main, 24-hour hold, violation of an ex parte order.

• Angela Ilene Teeter, 33, 131 East Chestnut, peace disturbance, expired registratioin, failure to appear.

• William Harrison Howe, 22, 1511 South Osage, parole violation, absconder.

• Dmitriy Pavlovich Ovseychuk, 18, Hughesville, suspended or revoked license.

• Jacob Colten Astor, 21, 906 South Grand, 24-hour hold, stealing.

• Jacob Colten Astor, 21, 906 South Grand, 24-hour hold, strong-armed robbery; 24-hour hold, filing a false report.

• Brandon Lee Koch, 28, listed as homeless, first degree robbery; stealing; resisting or interfering with an arrest.

• Gary Dean Holcomb, 25, Kansas City, criminal non-support of a minor child.

• Daniel Jason Brown, 32, Jefferson City, hold for Cole County.

• Rayouan Thomas Townsend, 37 204 West Cooper, 48-hour commitment, driving without a license.

• Matthew Lucas Walter, 27, 1819 West Third, failure to appear.

• Timothy Robert Catlin, 22, 3505 South Grand, 48-hour commitment, possession of marijuana.

• John Gabriel Edwards, 30, 1602 Liberty Park Blvd., violation of an ex parte order.

• Brian Edward Jackson, 36, LaMonte, unlawful use of a weapon.

• Curtis Michael Campbell, 17, 1406 East Fifth, second degree statutory rape; first degree statutory sodomy (two counts).

• Carlos Anible Aguirre, 37, 257 Scott Joplin Court, 24-hour hold, assault.

• Scott Edward Vansell, 37, 521 North Grand, 24-hour hold, stealing.

• Kevin Michael Hunt, 32, 1805 South Grand, probation violation, assault.

• Amber Nichole Wilson, 22, 1207 East 13th, failure to appear, stealing.

• Elisha Elizabeth Harris, 25, Marshall, failure to appear.

• Samuel Ryan Watson, 21, 114 South Stewart, failure to appear, stealing; Cooper County failure to appear, littering.

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