Real Estate 10-25-12

October 25, 2012

in Real Estate

The following real estate transactions have been reported:

• Anatoliy M. and Lyudmila V. Ostapenko to Aztech Contracting LLC.

• Tonda R. and Gregory Resch, Timothy and Renaie Resch, Kendra Resch Allen and Shaun Allen, Katrinka A. and Terry Wiltse, Tara Wiltse McConnell and Doug McConnell, Trevor and Sara Wiltse and Travis Nations to Harold C. Juhl.

• Milllsap and Singer PC and Carol E. Harper to Irvin L. and June M. Parrks and Janet K. and Randy J. David.

• Mitchel J. and Amanda G. Sobaski to Joel Reid.

• Estate of Robert L. Wiskur to Sheryl Y. Richardson, trustee, Deawn A. Hersini, trustee, Robert E. Wiskur, trustee, Robert L. Wiskur Trust and Wanda l. Wiskur Trust.

• Don F. and Tonia L. Weaver to Joseph W. Werner and Heather M. Carrick.

• Scott W. and Brandi L. Cole to Don F. and Tonia L. Weaver.

• Joe M. Cornett to Joe M. and Donald W. Cornett.

• U.S. Bank National Association to Housing to Authority.

• Rhonda L. Reece to Mark W. Reece.

• Ray S. Snell, trustee, Loa M. Snell, trustee and Snell Family Trust to Thomas L. and Annette D. Snapp.

• Margaret M. Yeaman to Robert Hartley.

• South and Associates PC and Warren L. Gooden to JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association.

• John M. and Julie F. Howard to Kimberly D. Weymuth, trustee, and Kimberly D. Weymuth Revocable Trust.

• Talmage Mark and Jennifer Basham and Martin Leigh Laws and Fritzlen to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA.

• Debra Jean Myers to Gary Steven Myers.

• Ruth D. Curtis to Susan Dean Noel.

• Paul H. and Lillie A. Luebbering to Gerald Twenter.

• Gearry R. and Carol L. Gordon to Allison and Mark Ream.

• Kathryn A. Sieg and Mark Anthony Kimbrell to Kathryn A. and Mark Anthony Kimbrell.

• Marjorie Ellen Meyer to Telma Mejia.

• Philip Eugene Todd to Tracy Lynn Todd.

• Steven L. and Shania V. Cannon to Michael A. and Jamie L. Hoos.

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