Sheriff always expressed interest in law enforcement

October 19, 2012

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Kevin Bond

By Kyle Siegel
Staff writer

Pettis County Sheriff Kevin Bond has always wanted to work in law enforcement and all of his experiences have led him to the top job at the Pettis County Sheriff’s Department.

Bond was born in Windsor, Missouri and he grew up just inside the Pettis County line.

Bond attended Windsor High School, and upon graduation he attended college at CMSU.

“I was active in a lot of clubs and organizations. I was active in FFA and 4-H,” Bond said of his high school experience.

While growing up Bond spent most of his free time working on the family farm.

“There was always plenty to do there,” Bond said.

Bond received his bachelor’s degree in Administration of Justice from CMSU before moving on to the work force.

Bond spoke of his previous work experience.

“I have done a lot of other things. While I was in college I was a pastor at Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church.

“I was an EMT and I worked on an ambulance,” Bond said.

In addition to those jobs Bond had also taught a criminal justice program for two-and-a-half years, as well as an adjunct before that.

Bond also served for 16 years as a deputy for the Pettis County Sheriff’s Department.

Bond was asked when he knew that he wanted to pursue law enforcement.

“I don’t know that there was a necessarily a trigger, but I have always wanted to work in law enforcement. Law enforcement was always my love and that is the direction I continually work towards,” Bond explained.

In 2004 Bond was elected the Pettis County Sheriff and he has enjoyed his time in the position.

“I enjoy the duties of the sheriff. I spend an awful lot of time on jail related matters.

“That is probably not what the public perceives the sheriff as, but with a 210-bed jail we have a small community that we are operating. It takes a tremendous amount of time and resources.

“Obviously the safety and security of the citizens is very important to me. I definitely want to try to keep up with the crime in the community,” Bond said.

“I consider myself to be a member of the community first, and because I have some special experience in law- enforcement, that makes me suitable to serve as sheriff of the community.

“I try to be accessible to the public. I encourage people that have a question or comment to feel free to contact me,” Bond said.

Bond and his wife Sherri just celebrated their 20 year anniversary and together they have two children.

Bond was asked what he does in his spare time to keep himself busy.

“Right now I have a daughter that is in high school and a son in junior high, so most of my free time revolves around their activities.

“I spend a lot of time going to sporting events. I am still active in my church. I enjoy attending community events, whether it be dinners or fund-raisers. I attend a lot of those events. That kind of wraps back around into being accessible to the public,” Bond explained.

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