Arrests 10-18-12

October 18, 2012

in Police Reports

The following recent arrest reports have been released by the Pettis County Sheriff’s Department:

• Curtis Lynn Jackson, 43, 608 West Pettis, 48-hour commitment, defective equipment.

• Scott Michael Ritter, 36, 1315 East 12th, 48-hour commitment, forgery.

• James Joseph Horn, 67, 25950 Lilac Road, felony driving while intoxicated (alcohol).

• Gena Marie Sistanich, 22, listed as homeless, passing a bad check.

• Thomas Allen Williams, 21, 1501 West Main, 24-hour hold, second degree burglary.

• Jennifer Lea Hammond, 27, 924 South Kentucky, failure to appear, stealing; probation violating.

• Judith R. Romero, 38, 606 West 16th, suspended or revoked license.

• Hector Daniel Chavez, 23, 2505 South Grand, 48-hour commitment, defective equipment; failure to appear, speeding; failure to appear, no insurance; failure to appear, driving while suspended.

• Arnold Koffler, 53, Dresden. no driver’s license.

• Joseph Gardner, 59, 22164 Goodwill Chapel Road, driving while revoked.

• Kelly Lorenzo Buckner, 21, 802 North Osage, possession of drugs with intent to deliver.

• William Scott Gudde, 19, 1911 East Broadway, possession of an imitation controlled substance.

• Jeffrey Tyler Lindenmeyer, 24, 512 East Fourth, 24-hour hold, burglary; 24-hour hold, stealing; 24-hour hold, first degree trespassing.

• Justin M. Schroder, 33, Windsor, non-support.

• Becky Lynn Taylor, 33, 511 East Saline, 24-hour hold, second degree burglary.

• Layard Wayne Taylor, 38, 511 East Saline, stealing.

• Cheri Neil Lambert-Cable, 37, 1820 South Osage, driving while license was revoked.

• Robert Daniel Anderson, 19, 414 East Fifth, failure to appear.

• Kevin Duane Schemmer, 25, Mayview, 48-hour commitment, stealing.

• Candice Mae Stott, 27, 1501 South Quincy, failure to appear on felony possession of a controlled substance; failure to appear, operating a vehicle without maintaining financial responsibility.

• Alexis Danielle Arnwine, 29, 909 East 14th, failure to appear, third degree assault; probation violation, tampering with a motor vehicle.

• Jessica K. Raw, 23, 1305 East Bonville, failure to appear, possession of up to 35 grams or marijuana.

• Dominique Andre Wilson, 30, 207 South Massachuysetts, 48-hour commitment, possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana.

• Amy Rose Wright, 24, 1321 South Ohio, shoplifting; property damage; suspended or revoked license.

• James Wiley Meloy, 65, Otterville, open container.

• William Joe Warren, 23, 1820 South Osage, 30-day commitment, non-support.

• Shawonda Ceairra Dean, 22, 400 North Grand, third degree domestic assault; obstructing police; interfering with an arrest or detention.

• Joshua John Katemann, 23, Smithton, two-day commitment.

• Matthew Ray Depoali, 22, 2850 South Ingram, 24-hour hold, driving a motor vehicle while license was revoked; 24-hour hold, identity theft; 24-hour hold, probation violation.

• Kelli Jane Newkirk, 33, Warsaw, failure to appear, traffic.

• Clemente Ortiz Guzman, 52, LaMonte, driving while intoxicated (alcohol).

•Douglas Wayne Shoemaker, 30, 3001 Meadow Wood Drive, 48-hour commitment, defective equipment.

• Jackie Dean Gresham, 29, Wentzville, 15-day commitment, operating a vehicle without a valid license; 15-day commitment, careless and imprudent dri-


•Kenneth Charles Schu-

ber, 31, Hughesville, contempt.

• Robert Otis Stockton, 50, Holden, contempt of court for lack of payment per judge’s order.

• David Justin Dotson, 31, 731 East Fifth, driving while license was revoked.

• Serafin Lemus-Martinez, 44, LaMonte, expired or no operator’slicense.

• Jeffrey Scott Bain, 29, 1305 East Boonville, 48-hour commitment, driving while suspended.

• Saul Armando Lopez-Fuentes, 28, 1612 East Fourth, 48-hour commitment, driving while suspended.

• Kyle A. Duffey, 32, Marshall, 48-hour commitment, driving while intoxicaed.

• Hyacinth Jennifer Ras-

mussen, 39, 1321 South Engineer, 48-hour commitment, defective equipment.

• Curtis Allen Harper, 55, LaMonte, 24-hour hold, possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana; 24-hour hold, use or possession of drug paraphernalia.

• Mark Alan Kimber, 51, 407 West Fourth, failure to appear, possession of marijuana.

• Joseph Robert Luera, 35, 3305 South Washington, 48-hour commitment, stealing.

• Sara Diane Morris, 47, 1015 West Henry, 30-day commitment, driving while suspended for points.

• David G. Williams, 21, 4800 West Main, failure to appear.

• Sharyl Lynn Adams, 51, Sweet Spring, driving a motor vehicle while license was suspended.

• Ismael Medrano, 33, Smithton, 96-our commitment, exceeding the posted speed limit.

• Thomas Benjamin Luetjen, 27, Green Ridge, failure to display plates.

• Cody Allen Kratzer, 20, 3265 Sandstone, 48-hour commitment, careless and imprudent driving.

• Nazareth Gene Bush, 34, 928 South Madison, failure to appear on felony possession of a controlled substance.

• Justin Richard States, 31, 24498 Flint Street, 24-hour hold, stealing; 24-hour hold, possession of a controlled substance.

• Matthew Garrett Daw-

son, 23, 1519 South Grand, failure to appear, trespassing.

• Jason Jonah Harvey, 17, 222 South Grand, failure to appear on a traffic offense.

• Jeremiah Scott Mullins, 31, 414 East 15th, suspended or revoked license.

• McKesa Leighanne Manion, 25, 1122 West Second, failure to appear, back fines.

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