Bridge club results Oct. 4

October 5, 2012

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The Sedalia Duplicate Bridge Club met on October 4, in a special international matchpoint event, including a dinner and the special game. We had a big crowd. There were two sections and the results were as follows:

Section one:

1. Anne Lichtenhan and Ann Houx from Warrensburg

2. Charlie Peterson and Ruth Ann Heinzler from Marshall

3. Jimmie Melvin and John Doussard from Warrensburg

4. Georgann DeMoss and Jane Hartley from Marshall

Section Two:

1. Richard Dimond from Warsaw and Harry Satterwhite from Sedalia

2. E. “Junior” Anderson and Ruth Doyle from Warrensburg

3. Carolyn and David Diehm from Marshall

4. Shirley Meuschke and Pat Marshall from Marshall

The event awarded gold master points to the first place winners, as if the game had been a Regional Tournament and the hands were pre-dealt, with a booklet detailing each hand and the possibilities of scores. This was the first time Sedalia has hosted this event.

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