Real Estate 10-1-12

October 1, 2012

in Real Estate

The following individuals were involved in recent real estate transactions:

• John W. and Bonnie J. Killion to Joshua B. and Sherry Elaine Killion.

• Kelly R. Dodson to Aleksandr V. Kondratyuk.

• S and W Foreclosure Corp. and Juan J. Cardenas to PHH Mortgage Corp.

• ET Investments LLP to Keele Construction Inc.

• Dorothy Mosier to Shane M. and Ann Weber.


• Melon Bank of New York to Pedro and Rosario Benitez and US Bank National Association, trustee.

• South and Associates PC and Brandon S. Harris to US Bank National Association.

• South and Associates PC and William N. Edgingfield II to Bank of America NA.

• Glen and Joyce Bunk to Nicholas G. and Nancy S. Kish.

• Federal National Mortgage Association to Andrew Irvine II.

• Gary Harvey, trustee, to Shane M. and Ann M. Weber.

• RSBR Investments LLC to ARC DGSDLM0001 LLC.

• Gary Harvey, trustee, and Harvey Family Trust to Janet C. Bice.

• Nikolay Danilov to W. T. Cunnigham Jr. and Dyana L. Cunningham.

• Wanda Jean Beeney and Sandra L. Ballard Sutterby to Mike and Shirley Clark.

• Rosemary and John T. Stanton to Janice L. DeJarnette and William E. Hogan.

• Janice L. and Ronald DeJarnette, William E. and Martha Hogan to Matz Properties Partnership.

• Government National Mortgage Association to Baykal Properties LLC.

• Glady Mae Crawford and Pamela Sue Woodward to Tiger Land and Property LLC.

• Marlyn D. Kern Sr. to Marlyn D. Kern Sr., trustee, and Marlyn D. Kern Sr. Revocable Living Trust.

• Federal National Mortgage Association to Matz Properties Partnership.

• Walton Real Estate Development LLC to Brittany Suanne Johnson Irrevocable Trust, Shawn M. Walton, trustee, and Brittany Suanne Johnson, trustee.

• Jennifer R. and Michael S. Hughes to Jennifer R. Hughes.

• Sandy Kerr to Sunny L. Miera.

• Christopher L. Holem to Christopher L. and Elizabeth N. Holem.

• Sally Joanne Proehl to Wilson Idee.

• Judith K. Moriarty Ebers, Judith K. Ebers Moriarty and Harvard F. Ebers to Leoncio Perez and Lucia Macias Pelayo.

• James and Amber Yeager to Elvis A. and Mary Burns.

• James and Amber Yeager to Douglas and Nancy Bradley.

• Charles A. and Joyce McNeal to Christiana A. Cram.

• Marty K. Himes to Michael Oleynic.

• Terri L. and Frank Oswald to Chad A. and Kristin N. Oehrke.

• Alvin G. Cook Jr. and Yesenia Rodriguez to Fred E. Busker.

• Fred E. Busker to First Community Bank.

• First Community Bank to Alvin G. Cook Jr. and Yesenia Rodriguez.

• Jamie Scott and Lorna Houk to Lorenzo Baro Gomez.

• Veniamin and Valentina Tupchiy to Douglas K. and Tammy M. Knull.

• Third National Bank of Sedalia to Jeff L. and Susan M. Morris.

• Joshua D. and Alison McNair Whitley to Joshua Daniel and Alison McNair Whitley.

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