BRHC Auxiliary to sell rainbow bracelets

September 18, 2012

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At the September meeting of the BRHC Auxiliary, Karen Suroff, cancer project chair, displayed rubber rainbow bracelets illustrating all forms of cancer. The bracelets will be sold in the cafeteria on a designated day in October with the proceeds going to the Cancer Center.

Jennie Vanderlinden and Pam Thompson discussed with the board the logistics of the volunteers needed for the Out Patient Service desk.

Carol Ackerman, awards chair, reported the following hours worked. In July a total of 1130 worked with Mary Jo Stevenson reaching 25 hours, Janice Cave, 300 hours, Nedra Zimmerschied, 400 hours, Carey Gutjahr, 400 hours, Jane Gray, 500 hours, and Jim Monroe, 900 hours. August 1082 total hours worked with Sonja Corcoran reaching 25 hours, Vivian Wissman, 600 hours, and Martha Vollrath, 700 hours.

Marge Watson reported Judy Steele, Anna Craig, Anne Hamilton, Marge Watson, Jane Corine, Martha Bridges and Vickie Perry worked the Community Blood Mobile held Sept. 4. Eighty seven pints of blood were collected. The next Community Blood Mobile will be held Dec. 11 at First Christian Church.

Events coming up include a scrub sale on Sept. 20, book fair, October 17 – 18, and a sheet sale on Nov. 29.

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