Real Estate 9-15-12

September 15, 2012

in Real Estate

The following real estate transactions have been reported:

Millsap and Singer PC and Carolyn Marquess to EverBank.

• Francis M. and Hideko K. Albin to William H. and Carolyn M. Albin.

• Otis Duane and Henry Daryl McNew to Otis Duane McNew, Henry Daryl McNew, Julie Kaye McNew and Jana Kay McNew.

• Mildred L. Fischer to C. Preston and Pamela J. Hunter.

• Estate of Wanda M. Shades and Sue E. Schump, conservator, to Herman Hall.

• Wanda B. and George A. Agnew to Marvin and Sandra Gibson.

• Kenneth D. and Patty S. Miller to Mooreindi Inc.

• Mooreindi Inc. to Kenneth D. and Patty S. Miller.

• Rebecca and Isaac Brown, Charles and Leah Cameron, Benjamin and Elizabeth Cameron and Angela and John Farr to Calla Burden.

• Robert B. Cross Sr., Floy A. Cross, Robert B. Cross Jr. and Carolyn Ruth Cross and Robert B. Cross Sr. and Robert B. Cross Jr. to Chiristine Y. Mathews.

• Lonny K. and Tina Y. Price to Kyle and Kristen Willoughby.

• Janice G. and Charles E. Robb and Christie L. and Timothy J. Curry to Raymond L. Simmons.

• Billy S. and Christie L. Barnett to Danny Joe and Debra Diane Keeton (two transactions.

• Kozeny and McCubbin LC, Chris A. Harris, David and Ahrazie M. Wilt to Federal National Mortgage Association.

• Benjamin L. Fredrick to Jody M. Fredrick.

• Michael J. and Mindy L. Beebe to Rentals and Remodeling LLC.

• Aleksandr and Galina Sheremeta to Kylan J. Eigsti and June R. Knox.

• N. Maxine Griggs to Charles C. and Anna M. Griggs.

• Robert A. and Sandra G. Gautreauix and Sean P. Pilliard, trustee, to Don A. and Cindy A. Weaver.

• Carl D. Davis Jr. and Shawna K. Davis to Scott D. and Lindsey B. Benbrook.

• Carl and Esther West to Melville Properties LLC.

• Everette W. Koechner, trustee, Arlene Frances Silvey, trustee and Agnes Koechner Trust to Melville Properties LLC.

• Eric T. and Stephanie F. Fraley to Melville Properties LLC.

• Third National Bank of Sedalia to Federal National Mortgage Association.

• J. Higdon Potter Educational Foundation Inc. to Junior College District of Sedalia Missouri and State Fair Community College.

• Carol S. Ryan to Thomas E. Ryan.

• Thomas E. Ryan to Deborah Gail Fairfax.

• Michael A.and Tamela L. Millsap to Joseph B. and Michelle M. Sarver.

• Sandy Craig, Jeanette K. and John Kullman and Dennis and Marguerite Hoehns to Robert D. and Carol T. Wells.

• Christina R. and Brian A. Gant to Christina R. and Brian A. Gant.

• Patrick S. and Carla Dodson to Robert S. Hammond.

• Elisa Marie and Anthony Tildon Crank to Elisa Marie and Anthony Tildon Crank.

• Sunny Mera to Rodney Paul Adams.

• Razamzhon and Olga Tadzhdayev to Rozanna R. Martynyuk.

• Charles N. and Carmen R. Taylor to Margaret L. Harlan.

• Michael P. and Megan Johnson to Timothy E. and Gina L. Doogs.

• Dewey Chapman to Bruce D. and Stacey L. Morton.

• Fine Homes Inc. of Springfield, Missouri to DAS Construction LLC.

• Ricardo Martinez to Gilberto Martinez Lemus and Marie E. Martinez.

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