Bookstore manager moves away from ‘second home’

September 11, 2012

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Laura Brown

By Kyle Siegel
Staff writer

Sedalia Book and Toy, soon to become Reader’s World after their move to the State Fair Shopping Center, Manager Laura Brown is one of those few lucky people to have found their ideal career the first time around. Brown has worked at Sedalia Book and Toy since 1998 and she hasn’t looked back.

Brown was born in Amarillo, Texas, but she soon moved with her family to Sedalia when she was only three years old.

Brown attended and graduated from Smith-Cotton High School before moving on to State Fair Community College.

Brown graduated from SFCC, and during her time there she double majored in Science.

While in college Brown began working at the bookstore part-time, but that soon led to a full-time position.

Brown was asked what appealed to her about her current occupation.

“I love books and I love having access to books. This is basically my second home,” Brown said.

Brown was asked what is her favorite part of the job.

“There are too many favorite parts. I like most of it. I love seeing the new books come in, and I love being out with the customers. Every day is something new,” Brown said.

Brown was asked if reading is something she has enjoyed since a child, or if it was something that came to her later in life.

“During my childhood, Saturdays, that is what we did. It was library day. My mom took us to the library. We brought home stacks and stacks of books every Saturday. We did that year after year,” Brown explained.

Late last year Brown received a promotion at work.

“This past October I was promoted to store manager. I was the assistant manager since 2001,” Brown said.

A job promotion like that usually comes with some new duties and pressures, but more so for Brown.

Recently Sedalia Book and Toy made the decision to relocate to the State Fair Shopping Center, and along with that comes new kinds of pressure.

Brown was asked if she was excited to move to a new location.

“I am, but this has been my second home for years. I am excited to spread out and try new things. I am excited about the move,” Brown said.

Brown doesn’t want to rest on her laurels after the move. She has several things in mind.

“I would love to get a reading group started once we get settled in,” Brown said with a smile.

Laura not only stays busy with work, but she has a family that takes up her time in a good way.

Laura and her husband John have been married for 23 years. Together they have three children named Rachel, Collin and Fred.

Laura and John met while in high school and have been together since.

“It was one of those love at first sight things,” Laura said.

Laura was asked what activities does she enjoy when not working.

“I like to hang out at comic book and horror conventions. If there are any in the area I go to them,” Brown said.

She added, “I love to read. If I am at home I probably have a book. I also love music and spending time with my children. I love to garden, but I am not very good at it.”

Brown wanted to make sure for people to stop by the new Reader’s World in the State Fair Shopping Center when it opens later this week.

“I am looking forward to seeing our old friends, as well as new friends. I am looking forward to seeing everyone there.”

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