Real Estate 9-6-12

September 6, 2012

in Real Estate

The following real estate transactions have been reported:

• South and Associates PC and Andrew Longman to Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

• William Chris and Sarah E. Parsons to Lindell Lee and Sherrie D. Parsons.

• David and Rebekah Stone to Jerry V. and Jeremy Stone.

• Tina Marie Williams to Jeffery Scott Williams.

• Simmons First National Bank to Arnold E. and Beulah L. Peek.

• R. Douglas and Martha J. Leerssen to Daryl R. and Polly J. Stagg.

• Shawn K. and Jennifer D. Mather to Stephen A. Demasters, trustee, Katherine J. Demasters, trustee, Stephen A. Demasters Joint Trust and Kaherine J. Demasters Joint Trust.

• Helen Arnold, trustee, Clarence Arnold Trust and Helen Arnold Trust to Roger D. and Debbie A. Dieckman.

• James T. Buckley, successor trustee, John S. Berry, successor trustee and Mark W. Mason Trust to James T. Buckley, trustee, John S. Berry, trustee and Zachary W. Mason Trust.

• Third National Bank of Sedalia to Gary Hays.

• Joyce Wright and Janice and Seven McCracken to Peter D. and Teresa L. Walter.

• Floyd H. Kronk III to James C. Noble and Jayme K. Hall.

• Frank Dean and Nancy Powell to Frank Dean and Nancy Powell.

• Clarence R. Friedly, trustee, Elda Ruth Friedly, trustee, Clarence R. Friedly Family Trust to Clarence R. and Elda Ruth Friedly.

• Georgia F. Lamp, trustee, Clifford J. Lamp Living Trust and Georgia F. Lamp Living Trust to Amalia Fleischman.

• Velma L. Bottcher to Todd M. Bottcher.

• Evelyn J. Wurl to Christopher T. Schroeder and Jennifer Rose Arndt.

• Leroy D. and Karen A. Foster to Brandon L. and Erica N. Davenport.

• First Community Bank to William J. Whelan.

• Heather Elliott to Jarold Elliott.

• Leala M. McNeall, trustee and McNeall Family to Marvin E. and Shirley E. Smith.

• Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Larry Paul and Joanna Lahvie Walker.

• Deutsche and National Trust Co. to BMK Rentals LLC.

• Federal National Mortgage Association to Randy Kreager and Jason Quinlan.

• James L. Gear III and Nicole A. Gear to Leah C. Gear.

• Kozeny and McCubbin LC, Shane Todd and Carmen Kreisel to Bank of America.

• James N. Luetjen to Judy K. and Fred A. Kreisel.

• U.S. Bank National Association to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C.

• HSBC Bank USA to Christina A. Cram.

• Millsap and Singer PC and Jeremy S. Futscher to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Association.

• Marlyn D. Kern Sr., trustee, Mary E. Kern, trustee, Marlyn D. Kern Sr. Trust and Mary E. Kern Trust to Marlyn D. Kern Sr.

• Robert Kahrs Longan and Beulah Mae Longan to Robert Kahrs Longan, trustee, Beulah Mae Longan, trustee, Robert Kahrs Longan Trust and Beulah Mae Longan Trust.

• Frank and Lisa Bell to Frank and Lisa Bell.

• Gregory Dana Borke to Kenya Sue Borke.

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