Son taking on family dealership business & loving it

September 4, 2012

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Kyle Weymuth

By Kyle Siegel
Staff writer

Growing up around the family business, it made perfect sense for Kyle Weymuth to continue his family’s legacy at W-K Chevrolet, and that is exactly what he did.

Weymuth was born and raised in Cole Camp, Missouri, and he graduated from Cole Camp High School in 2004.

Weymuth was a standout basketball player during his time with the Bluebirds, earning all conference and all district honors.

He was also a member of the student council and a member of the Cole Camp Golf team.

After graduating from Cole Camp, Kyle attended State Fair Community College, where he continued playing basketball at a collegiate level.

After SFCC, Weymuth transferred to the University of Central Missouri.

During his time at UCM, Weymuth continued to play basketball for the Mules.

In 2008, Kyle graduated from UCM with a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing, a degree which has served him well.

Weymuth was asked if he took another job after graduating from UCM, or if he came back to work at W-K Chevrolet.

“I came right back here. The only opening and opportunity they had was as the lot manager. My job was to move the cars around the lot, and position them on the lot so they displayed well,” Weymuth said.

He added, “I did that six months or so probably, and then I became the service advisor.

“The technicians are really good at fixing the cars, and I was trying to fix the customer and make sure they were happy. I did that job for close to two years, I think.”

When asked what his current job title is, Kyle was a little unsure on how to answer.

“I would say a general manager position, kind of part-owner. Honestly, I do whatever needs to be done.

“I got to do a lot of different things. I was down in the body shop for a while trying to learn estimating. It was kind of tough. I attempted to do that,” Weymuth said.

Weymuth was asked if working in the family business was something that he had always planned on doing later in life.

“I always wanted to. As soon as I realized, at nine years old, that I wasn’t going to play in the NBA, it was my second choice,” Weymuth said with a smile.

Weymuth was asked if still enjoys his job.

“I enjoy almost everything about it. It is kind of nice that I truly enjoy the community that we are in.

“It is nice that we have been in the community so long that there are familiar faces and loyal customers,” Weymuth said.

Kyle has been married to his wife Kelli for almost a year. The couple met while in college.

Kyle was asked if does anything outside of working.

“I am on the EDSPC committee. I joined about a year ago. I am still fairly new to it, and I am trying to get a grasp of it.

“About three or four months ago I joined the Whiteman Air Force Base Community Council,” he said.

Weymuth was asked if he enjoys any extracurricular activities.

“I love to go to football games, whether it is MU or the Chiefs.

“We like to travel quite a bit. My wife is from St. Louis and she has family there.

“When I am not doing things with my family, I am usually here.”

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