Gabbi Ebers

May 7, 2012

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Gabbi Ebers

A native of Hannibal, Mo., one can almost visualize her as Becky Thatcher walking down the brick-pave streets of the historic Hannibal river front walking hand in hand with Tom Sawyer.

Now a 16-year old sophomore at Sacred Heart High School, Gabbi Ebers has spent time in the historic area and visited fhe famous Mark Twain Cave.

She spent most of her growing up years in the Mississippi River town, then moved to Troy, Mo., and came to Sedalia just before her freshman year at Sacred Heart.

She is the starting point guard for the Lady Gremlin basketball team and has played about every position on the soccer field for the Lady Gremlins.

“Basketball is my favorite,” said Ebers. “I’ve been around it for so long and my Dad played basketball in college (at Hannibal LaGrange University).”

Ebers began playing roundball when she was in kindergarten and played in city teams and traveling teams for years. She just finished her second season in high school basketball at Sacred Heart and is now plating her second year of soccer.

Ebers is an excellent student as well. She has a 3.87 grade point average on a 4.0 scale and scored a 23 on the ACT and plans to take it again during her junior year.

Ebers wants to play basketball and major in either medicine or pharmacy in college. She has not looked at or considered any colleges yet.

She is already taking weighted courses. She s in the Advanced Math Program at Sacred Heart, having taken Geometry last year and Advanced Algebra II this year. Dual credit courses are not offered at Sacred Heart until students’ junior years but Ebers plans to take dual-credit and more weighted courses in the future.

Besides the basketball and soccer teams, Ebers is also a member of the National Honor Society and the Youth Leadership Sedalia program sponsored by the Sedalia Area Chamber of Commerce.

“Academics are more important,” said Ebers. “Academics give you an advantage in your needs and they take you farther in life.”

When not playing sports and going to school, Ebers enjoys spending time with friends and family and reading just about anything she can get her hands on.

Ebers has a younger sister, Layni, 12 and a sixth grader at Sacred Heart Ebers is the daughter of Robin and Layne Ebers, Sedalia.


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