Education research led to run for school board

May 3, 2012

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Stephanie Lefevers

By Kyle Siegel
Staff writer

Sedalia resident and the newest Sedalia #200 School Board Member Stephanie Lefevers keeps very busy and she splits her time up amongst several different avenues.

Lefevers was born on a military base in Berlin, Germany and at the age of three, she and her family relocated to Indiana, Pennsylvania before moving to the Sedalia area around age seven or eight.

“My parents divorced when I was seven or eight, and my mom brought me here. She worked at Lamy’s Manufacturing,” Lefevers said.

Stephanie attended school at La Monte while growing up.

“I graduated from La Monte and then I went to nursing school. I went to Boonville for LPN school,” Lefevers said.

Lefevers was asked what she did after attending LPN school.

“I worked as a psych nurse at Royal Oaks in Windsor. I was an adolescent psych nurse. It was my favorite job ever,” Lefevers said.

Stephanie and her husband Darren are the co-owner’s of Porta and Grace Midwest Distributing and they have had the business for 20 years.

“After my second child came, I stayed at home for three years. When my husband’s business really took off, I chose to come in and manage the business.

“The business has been in Sedalia for 20 years and I have been in it for 15 years,” Lefevers said.

Stephanie has three children, one a step-daughter named Jennifer, a daughter named Devin, and a son Ryan.

Lefevers has two grandsons from Jennifer.

In April, Lefevers was elected to a board position with the Sedalia #200 Board of Education. The News-Journal asked her why she had decided to run for the position.

“I was writing a column for the Sedalia Democrat and my main topic was education.

“I started doing research for my articles, and I found out I didn’t know as much as I thought I knew about how the school district operated,” she said.

She added, “I like to be involved in things like this. Initially I was going to wait until my son was out of high school. My whole family thought it would be a good time to run.”

Even though she has been on the board for a short time, Stephanie has enjoyed it.

“I am very enthusiastic. Everyone has been very welcoming and accommodating to me,” she said.

Lefevers was asked what types of activities she and her family enjoy when not working.

“We love to camp and canoe. We love to get groups of kids together and go floating. We love to golf, and football is a huge part of our time.

“I just work and do stuff with my kids and their friends. That is about all of the time that I have,” Lefevers said.


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