‘Patriot Bike’ makes stop at S-C

April 23, 2012

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The Army National Guard “Patriot Bike” made an appearance Monday morning at Smith-Cotton High School, 2010 Tiger Pride Blvd., during a school assembly.
The bike is one of four touring the country, and was built in 2007 by Paul Teutul Sr., and Paul Teutel Jr., (Paulie) of Orange County Choppers fame.
The “Patriot  Chopper” was the result of a collaborative effort between OCC and four National Guard soldiers.
The  “Patriot Chopper” is the first of three bikes commissioned by the Army National  Guard and are intended to be a recruiting  tool. Army Guard recruiters display them at rallies across the country to entice potential soldiers to talk with them.  Also, the bikes can also convey important  messages about safety.
The Teutuls have a history of  building patriotic bikes, and have produced multiple theme bikes for several branches of the military.
The bike showcases a minuteman air cleaner. The blade spokes of the wheels  feature 3-D inlaid spearheads, representing the seven Army values and an  ammunition belt lines the handlebars. Chromed M-4 magazines serve as the  struts, and an M-4 rifle is mounted on the side of the rear wheel.
The custom-designed bike was ridden into the S-C gym by Terry Kayrouz of Atlanta, Ga., who commented that, although the motorcyle is street legal, it has only been driven about 40 miles to date. Photos by Randy Kirby, Sedalia News Journal.

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