Real Estate 4-10-12

April 10, 2012

in Real Estate

The following real estate transactions have been reported:

• Emerson H. Goss, Amanda Wasson Goss and Amanda Goss Wasson to Victoria L. Jatesta and Samantha B. Ybanez.

• Carol Diana Klein to Carol Diana and Dick Lee Klein.

• Kimberly Michelle Clem, personal representative, and estate of Anita Mae Bostian to Abraham W. Kennedy.

• Gary A. and Dawn M. McMullin to Sacred Heart Development Corp.

• Clarence L. and Mary Shrock to Arlyn and Arlene Swartzentruber.

• Corey T. and Sandy L. Bush to Floyd H. Kronk III.

• Willis Todd Jr. and Gerald Wayne Todd, Rita Todd Foster, John K. and Louise Todd and Allen and Mary Ann Robertson to Floyd H. Kronk III.

• Donald E. Gann, Deborah L. and Paul Salmon to Donald C. and Doris E. Gann.

• Jerry and Margaret Harlan to Carmen L. Smith.

• Margaret Y. Madsen and Jeremiah M. Blodget to Jeremiah M. Patterson.

• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Ashley Dodd.

• A B and A D Properties LLC and Jeff Dull, trustee, to First Community Bank (two transactions).

• Sold Properties LLC and Jeff Dull, trustee, to First Community Bank.

• Burkholders Inc. to MFA Oil Co.

• John C. Wagenknecht, trustee, John C. Wagenknecht Revocable Trust, Margie G. Wagenknecht, trustee and Margie G. Wagenknecht Revocable Trust to First Baptist Church of Sedalia.

• Leon H. and Cynthia L. Trumpp and Kristy and Chad Starke to Chad and Kristy Starke.

• Nikolay and Galina Revenko to Yelena Revenko.

• James M. and Shelia K. Patton to James M. and Shelia K. Patton and Mick and Stacie Merriott.

• Shawn and Shannon Hunsaker to Richard J. and Anna E. Swords.

• Mary Joan Wiechen to Mary Joan and Paul L. Wiechen.

• E. W. Thompson Inc. to Deer Brook Villas LP.

• ET Investments LLP to Aztech Contracting LLC.

• Sharon Ondracek to Roberto Cruz Espinoza.

• Tana K. and Jerry R. Vanhamme to Paul Eichholz.

• Steven and Sannie McKelvey to William Joseph Parsons.

• Luis R. Vallee to Luis R. Vallee Colomb.

• Vera and Pavel Romanskiy to Thomas and Lisa Schmitt.

• William B. and Tera L. Hanson to Geroge Matheis Jr. and Cathy Matheis.


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