Real Estate 4-4-12

April 4, 2012

in Real Estate

The following real estate transactions have been reported:

• Nickolas Haulotte to Keith Haulotte.

• Gerald and Wanda Baker, Michael and Wendi Meier to Alexis N. Kabler.

• Michael L. Shephard, trustee, Sally A. L. Shephard, trustee, Michael L. Shephard Trust and Sally A. L. Shephard Trust to Michael L. and Sally A. L. Shephard.

• James A. and Elva L. McCoy to Charles E. and Vicki Hardy.

• Kennith Burgess to Kennith Burgess and Virgil and Darlene Burgess.

• John D. and Catherine L. Hammons to Jimmy L. and Amber N. Fairfax.

• Dustin J. and Amanda Schuster to DNS Properties LLC.

• Sandra A. Schroeder, trustee, and Sandra A. Schroeder Revocable Living Trust to Robert K. and Delores A. Meyer.

• Ira E. and Esther Ensminger to Ryan J. and Mary Lou Morris.

• Randy M. and Sherry L. Vinson to Danielle Volk.

• Roy Lee Fields to Camerin Alissondra Fields.

• Barry G. and Eunice M. Guier to G5 Farms LLC.

• John Brett and Pam Atkinson to John E. and Sharon L. Atkinson.

• Millsap and Singer PC and Margaret K. Hagen to Federal National Mortgage Association.

• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Patricia A. Monsees.

• Fannie Mae to Robert Meyer.

• James K. and Pamala Ollison to Kimberly K. and Michael D. Rimel.

• Wooly Bugger Properties LLC to William J. Shumake.

• Federal National Mortgage Association to Harvard Layne and Robin L. Ebers.

• Mark W. and Deidre D. Esquivel to the Salvation Army.


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