Real estate 3-15-12

March 15, 2012

in Real Estate

The following real estate transactions have been reported:

• Christina M. Rice to Jason M. Rice.

• Jason M. and Samantha N. Rice to John L. and Michelle R. Rice.

• Harvie Mae Alston Hayes and Sylvia Ann Alson to Addison M. Williams Jr.

• Fannie Mae to Victor and Vera Karpenchuck.

• Aztech Contracting LLC to Jason L. and Terrill L. Hurley.

• Double O Missouri Corp. to Townsquare Media Sedalia LLC (two transactions).

• Kyslea Reid to Kyslea Reidand Lincoln E. Hester.

• R. Scott Gardner, trustee, David W. and Donna K. Bishop to Brandy Guy Rogers Deleshull and Clara Yaneth Deleshull.

• Dutsin A. and Courtney Ferrel to Richard L. and Deborah K. Ferrel.

• Elva Melinda and Marshall G. Thomas to Marshall G. and Elva Melinda Thomas.

• Jeff  B. Roberts to Donald W. and Sandra L. Otten.

• Third National Bank of Sedalia to Gregg M. Foster.

• Tina M. and Charles Mattingly, Dennis D. and Channon Dove to Craig S. Reed, trustee, Natalie J. Reed, trustee, Craig Reed Family Trust and Natalie Reed Family Trust.

• Jonge Management Co. Inc. to Schanz Lee Verts.

• Jonge Management Co. Inc. to John E. and Jonathon R. Raines.

• Chester and Carolyn Spradling to Timothy A. and Kaela J. Lockard.

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