Flags for first graders

March 4, 2012

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The “Flags for First Graders” program, sponsored Voiture 333 40&8,  is an annual program held each February where flags are presented to first graders, also each first grader is given a letter about the flag, 40&8 members talk about the proper way to care for the flag, how to display the flag, and tell of the history of the flag.

40&8 member Charlie Guthrie gave out flags at Miami, Hardeman, Gilliam, Orearville and Slater schools. Helping Guthrie at Slater was Vietnam Veteran Dennis Desmond. the highlight of the visit was an opportunity for each first grader to hold a 48-star American flag, It is an honor for the 40&8 to be able to go to the schools and share the history of the American flag, and leave each student with a flag that they can be proud of.

This year almost 2,000 flags are being distributed by the 40&8 in four counties. Pictured are Slater students and Dennis Desmond; and Slater first grade teachers Gynnah Gaudreau, Marilyn Pemberton and Charlie Guthrie. Photo submitted.

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