June 3, 2011

in Police Reports

The following arrest reports have been received from the Pettis County Sheriff’s Department:

• Meriaha Bartlett, 26, 1305 E. Boonville Road, failure to appear.

• Cassandra Leigh Mundy, 25, 17419 South Means Road, use or possession of drug paraphernalia.

• Samuel A. Bartlett, 27, 4999 East Highway 50, failure to obey a judge’s order for non-support; failure to appear, failure to wear a fastened seat belt.

• Bear Michael D. Manley, 26, 305 West Fourth, producing marijuana; possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana.

• Reynaldo Bedolla, 20, 608-1/2 South Grand, 24-hour commitment for drug court.

• Byridius Demond Johnson, 22, Jefferson City, two counts of parole violation; driving with an invalid license.

• Shunta Lamont Adams, 33, Jefferson City, selling cocaine; distribution of a controlled substance near public housing; selling marijuana.

• Calvin Hutson, 33, Jefferson City, distribution and possession of marijuana.

• Brent Allyn Roberts, 29, Strafford, Mo., Cole County hold, driving while intoxicated, persistant offender; driving while intoxicated, prior offender.

• Samuel Felce Anderson, 49, Jefferson City, stealing.

• Chad Taroi Brewer, 18, Jefferson City, third degree assault; possession of drugs with intent to deliver.

• Darren Darnell Carter, 39, Jefferson City, Cole County hold, marijuana distribution.

• Glen M. Naylor, 31, 2336 West First, failure to appear on a felony.

• Cory Ryan Lewis, 22, Warrensburg, stealing.

• William Bunn, 34, no address available, trespassing and criminal mischief.

• Andrea Harris-Frazier, 55, no address provided, five counts of felony theft; 38 counts of forgery.

• Andrew Hopkins, 24, no address provided, third degree burglary.

• Tonya Myrick, 37, no address provided, theft.

• Jeffery Holliday, 25, no address provided, criminal sexual conduct with intent to commit sexual penetration.

• Daniel Spanley, 32, no address provided, motor vehicle theft.

• Crystal Louise Emrick, 31, Chilhowee, driving while intoxicated.

• Daniel Ray Malan, 23, 710 East Fifth, probation violation; condition of release violation.

• Jeffery Loren Friedley, 27, Cole Camp, suspended or revoked license.

• Amanda Latissia Hall, 23, 26515 Goodwill Chapel Road, assault.

• Christopher Shaun Henderson, 22, 120 West 10th, failure to obey; resisting arrest.

• Walter Jack Staten, 20, 108 East Johnon, 24-hour hold, first degree assault.

• Tyreel Germaine Hardy, 24, 108 West Morgan, desctruction of non-city property.

• Edard Joseph Frederick, 64, 3306 South Stewart, 30-day commitment, third degree domestic assault; 20-day commitment, third degree domestic assault.

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