Danny Gresham

May 26, 2011

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Danny Gresham

By Kyle Siegel
Staff writer

Sedalia native Danny Gresham has been the caretaker of the Sedalia Public Library for the past 18 years and he is still going strong.

Gresham is the only caretaker that is employed at the library and all of the duties of keeping the library clean and in working order fall on his shoulders.

“I take care of everything. I am the only caretaker here and I take care of the inside and all of the outside work. This last winter was bad. All of that snow to shovel,” Gresham said.

Gresham is originally from Sedalia and was born at Bothwell Regional Health Center. He is the father of five children and a proud grandparent of seven grandchildren.

Gresham attended Smith-Cotton High School and joined the Army in June of 1975. He served in the First Calvary Signal Corp and reached the rank of a Specialist Level Four before leaving the Army in June of 1978.

This year will be his 18th year as caretaker of the Sedalia Public Library.

“It will be 18 this year. There are two people that have been here longer than me and they have been here for 30 years,” Gresham said.

Gresham said meeting people was his favorite part of the job.

“I like meeting a lot of interesting people. It’s got good benefits and it pays the bills. This being a city library, I get all of the benefits the city employees do,” Gresham explained.

Gresham said that he has seen a lot of changes over the years.

“I’ve watched them change the place, make it up to date. They added the elevator, which was a big change. It makes a big difference. The elevator was a big change,” Gresham said.

After 18 years, Gresham has also seen a big change with employees over the years.

“There are people that come in and tell me that they worked with me in the past. This is my third director.

“I’ve seen lots of changes in here. It stays pretty busy in here. Especially the internet. A lot of elderly come in the morning to check out books and a lot of the kids come in the afternoon to use the internet,” Gresham said.

In his spare time Gresham enjoys spending time with his pets and watching movies.

“I have a cat and a dog both. They are the best of friends. The cat and dog eat and sleep together,” Gresham said.


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