Cell tower issue tabled by District 200 board

May 25, 2011

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By Kyle Siegel
Staff writer

The Sedalia School District #200 Board of Education met for a brief meeting Monday night in the media center of Smith-Cotton High School.

The board discussed a three year marketing partnership cell phone tower agreement with Community Communication Partners (CCP) as well as the approval of several bids for various services.

The board discussed the agreement with CCP during the meeting and decided to table a decision until the June meeting after the board has had a chance to gather more information.

According to a memo from board member Brad Pollitt, the agreement would only allow CCP to market the school properties to interested cell phone companies.

If a contract is approved in the future, CCP would be responsible for getting the necessary permits from the city and CCP would also be responsible or all of the costs of erecting the tower.

The Sedalia #200 School District would still have final approval of all demographics associated with the tower but not limited to the location and height.

The board also approved a new agreement with Ikon for print services during the meeting.

Ikon’s base bid is $18,280 a month for print services and the bid is 29.7 percent less, or $92,615, than what the school district is currently paying this year.

The bid includes the leasing of 28 copy machines and around 200 convenience printers. It also includes replacement of 22 copy machines with new printers.

The board also approved an extension of their current contract for technology support with Midwest Computech.

The agreement remained unchanged from the last two years with a zero percent increase, according to a memo from Brad Pollitt.

The total cost for the services are $103,560 a year with a two percent discount if paid within the first 30 days.

The school currently has two full-time people employed by Midwest Computech for technology support.

The next school board meeting is scheduled for June 27 and will be held at Smith-Cotton High School.

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