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Arrests 5-12-11

May 12, 2011

in Police Reports

The following arrests have been reported by the Pettis County Sheriff’s Department:

• Monica J. Harber, 36, Hughesville, passing a bad check.

• Mark Allen Bott, 35, Cole Camp, operating a motor vehicle while driver’s license was suspended or revoked; drinking while driving.

• Reginald Cordell Bonds, 24, 451 Welch Court, third degree domestic assault.

• Nathaniel Lee Vanderlinden, 33, 24510 Oak Grove Lane, failure to appear, shoplifting.

• Jason William Harvey, 39, 611 West Fourth, driving while suspended.

• Daniel Alan Meisenheimer, 22, 1417 East Boonville, possession of drug paraphernalia; possession of marijuana; suspended or revoked license.

• Kenneth Delmar Robinson, 53, Lee’s Summit, failure to appear, name, address and gross weight on a commercial vehicle; failure to appear, operating a motor vehicle on a highway while revoked or suspended.

• Larry Dale Price, 29, 914 East Sixth, three counts of failure to appear on violation of the education requirements of a child.

• Robert Wayne Lawson, 53, 1431 South Sneed, 24-hour hold, use or possession of drug paraphernalia.

• Jerry Ronald Lindsay, 43, Warsaw, 24-hour hold, third degree domestic assault.

• Jesus Alfredo Mendoza, 32, Sedalia, 24-hour hold, possession of a controlled substance.

• Joseph Mark Montgomery, 49, 2000 East Broadway, suspended or revoked license.

• Timothy Lee Mundy, 27, 108 Villa Drive, receiving stolen property.

• Adam Wayne Wall, 29, 1217 South Lamine, passing a bad check.

• Sherwin Delane Marshall, 35, 514 North Osage, failure to appear, back fines.

• Kelly Nichole Little-page, 27, Otterville, receiving stolen property.

• Jeffrey Eugene Jones, 45, 1404 South Carr, operating a motor vehicle without financial responsibility.

• Julie Mae Dominquez, 34, 420 South Quincy, assault.

• Dorothy Lanell Treese, 21, Mora, operating the motor vehicle of another without financial responsibility.

• Tiffany Suzanne Epp, 35, 611 West Fourth, suspened or revoked license; failure to appear, driving while revoked (two counts).

• Steven Michael Burnett, 20, Stover, failure to obey.

• Victor Victorovich Sarioglo, 22, 16321 Cordes Road, failure to appear, traffic.

• Kimberly Marie Bailey, 31, 901 East 10th, excessive rate of speed.

• Matthew Jacob Jones, 23, 138 Sunset Village, probation violation.

• Victor Angel Ramos, 25, 1217 West Fourth, failue to produce a fishing license.

• David Eugene Dawson, 51, 410 North Prospect, assault.

• Lavern R. Birdtail, 49, 1921 South Summit, neglect of a child.

• Pavel Antoshuk, 48, 1121 East 13th 24-hour hold, third degree domestic assault.

• Michelle Denise Carroll, 25, Cole Camp, two counts of stealing; federal probation violation.

• Amy Irene Lancaster, 37, 1900 West 10th, suspended or revoked license.

• Louis Edward Curtis, 40, Maxwell, Iowa, failure to appear on felony non-support; failure to appear, passing a bad check; failure to appear, non-support.

• Corey Lee Simon, 25, 1000 South Vermont, suspended or revoked license.

• Delano Shinton, 43, Jefferson City, first degrees statutory sodomy.

• Joshua Nolly Delacruz, 24, 1616 South Montgomery, 72-hour hold, littering.

• Latrail Malcom Grant, 17, Jefferson City, second degree robbery.

• Zaouan Excell Brewer, 17, Jefferson City, second degree strong-arm robbery.

• Demonte Elmicheal Givens, 24, Jefferson City, failure to appear.

• Chad D. Potter, 39, 326 North Quincy, failure to appear, stealing.

• Aaron Paul Litton, 27, 215 West Fifth, failue to appear, obstructing a court officer.

• Roderick Vose, 22, 412 West Seventh, failure to appear, failure to pay back fines.,

• Jeremy Wayne Vinyard, 32, 301 East Jackson, non-support; failure to appear; violation of child protection.

• Edgar Lemus-Rodriguez, 17, LaMonte, minor in possession of intoxicants; use or possessin of drugs or paraphernalia.

• Rodriguez Rodrigo Vazquez, 19, LaMonte, possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana; failure to stop at a sign, line point at nearest intersection; careless and imprudent driving.

• Jasper Tyrone Johnson, 25, 614 South Lafayette, falure to appear, theft, stealing; failure to appear, vehicle license inspection; failure to appear, failure to pay fines.

• William M. Hall, 48, 1613 East Fourth, peace disturbance; open container.

• Diego Vasquez, 24, 718 East Fifth, third degree domestic assault.

• Dennis Eugene Kelch, 42, 1902 South Lamine, driving while intoxicated.

• Rachael Lee Marie Campbell, 30, 135 South Park, failure to appear, back fines on possession of marijuana.

• Lacy Danielle Randall, 21, 1107 East Ninth, stealing.

• Jeremy Tod Owen, 26, Mora, 24-hour hold, first degree burglary; 24-hour hold, third degree assault.

• Douglas Robert Redinger, 43, 406 North Park, suspended or revoked license.

• Ronald Eugene Breshears, 30, 3005 Oakbrook Blvd., 48-hour commitment, careless and imprudent driving.

• Amanda Lee Boyd, 29, 30625 Ball Road, 48-hour commitment, driving while suspended.

• Eddie Rydell Scroggins, 39, Warrensburg, 48-hour commitment, driving while intoxicated.

• Troy Carvell Wright, 26, 1104 South Massachusetts, 48-hour commitment, possession of marijuana.

• Louis Albert Greeley, 30, Warsaw, 48-hour commitment, driving while revoked.

• Joseph Gardner, 58, 1105 West 11th, failure to appear, backfines on possession of marijuana.

• Miquel Alejo-Herrara, 46, 1207 State Fair Blvd., driving while intoxicated; no operator’s license.

• Paul Anthony Mundy, 25, 319 South Hancock, 24-hour hold, tampering with a victim.

• Gretta Elizabeth Lake, 36, 310 West Third, failure to register a vehicle.

• Kami Marie Wolf, 20, 1920 Ashwood Drive, leaving the scene of an accident.

• Rachelle Denise Springer, 36, 3017 Brooking Park Ave., fraud, insufficient funds.

• Walter Jack Staten, 48, 907 East 14th, 24-hour hold, first degree murder.

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