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Arrests 5-4-11

May 4, 2011

in Police Reports

The Pettis County Sheriff’s Department has reported the following arrests:

• Michael David Smith, 19, 415 North Prospect, failure to appear, driving while suspended.

• Cornelius Antwane Read, 26, 1801 South Sneed, failure to appear, failure to display tags on plates.

• Michael Eugene Prichard, 29, Warsaw, suspended or revoked license.

• Brittany Jean Perkins, 21, 632 East 11th, probation violation for possession of a controlled substance; failure to appear, seat belt.

• Lindsey Lee Wallace, 26, 1115 East Sixth, failure to appear, felony possession of a firearm, unlawful use of a weapon; probation violation, second degree property damage; failure to register a motor vehicle; failure to appear, possession of marijuana, no operator’s license, no insurance.

• Brett David Marler-Norton, 19, 3302 South Park, 24-hour hold, harassment.

• Shawn Allen Hansell, 29, 30625 Ball Road, failure to appear.

• Michael Noel Petree, 24, Green Ridge, drinking while driving.

• Laura Lynn Skrzypczak, 38, 2721 Southgate Loop, driving while intoxicated.

• Richard Dean Brandkamp, 21, 28703 Highway U, failure to appear, driving while revoked; failure to appear, failure to register a motor vehicle.

• Pamela Marie Bowlin, 49, Lincoln, failure to appear, misdemeanor show cause; forgery.

• James Vincint Ingram, 30, Cole Camp, failure to appear for back fines.

• Adam Thomas Gabel, 29, Marshall, petition to revoke probation, driving while revoked; possession of a controlled substance.

• Carlos Eli Staten, 23, 164 Autumn, failure to appear, failure to return leased property.

• Hector M. Amezcua, 42, 406 South Quincy, trespassing.

• Scott Edward Vansel, 35, 1931 South Marshall, failure to appear, assault; possession of drug paraphernalia.

• Jordan Danielle Rhodes, 23, 1719 West 18th, third degree domestic assault.

• Everett F. Smith, 31, 6284 Highway 135, second degree burglary.

• Travis Quentin Delp, 26, Lincoln, 24-hour hold, second degree burglary; 24-hour hold, first degree tampering; 24-hour hold, driving while license was revoked; 24-hour hold, second degree property damage.

• Justin Michael Schroder, 32, Windsor, non-support.

• Jose Francisco Mendoza, 25, 922 East Fifth, failure to appear, driving while suspended.

• Rubin Mardin Medrano, 22, 429 Veterans Memorial Drive, failure to appear, back fines.

• Courtney Michelle Hughes, 26, Leeton, 24-hour hold, violation of a full order of protection.

• David Joe Bennett, 37, 104 Dundee, failure to return property; stealing; no proof of insurance; identity theft.

• Clifford Dale Butler, 40, 306 East Second, suspended or revoked license.

• Richard Parris Hagen, 33, 902 West Broadway, driving a motor vehicle while license was suspended.

• Dennis Wayne Todd, 22, 1121 West 16th, failure to appear.

• Aaron Alexander Kempf, 21, 306 North Heard, first degree burglary; stealing; probation violation, possession of drug paraphernalia; possession with intent to distribute (two counts).

• Samantha Brianne Woodall, 19, Bunceton, 96-hour commitment.

• Sadie Marie Brown, 49, 103 East Jefferson, 10-day commitment, possession of paraphernalia.

• Dawn Allison Johnson, 32, 3505 Southwest Grand, probation violation.

• Chad Richard Keckler, 27, Knob Noster, 24-hour hold, possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana; 24-hour hold, unlawful use of a weapon; receiving stolen property.

• Amanda Nicole Martz, 27, 1620 South Kentucky, 24-hour hold, felon in possession of a firearm.

• Johnathan L. Fulton, 18, 413 Buckner Court, stealing.

• Tony Dewayne Meyer, 38, Green Ridge, possession of a controlled substance; parole hold.

• Lela G. Jackson, 46, 700 West Third, failure to appear.

• Trinidad Vazquez-Arreola, 45, 2206 West First, suspended or revoked license.

• Steven Matthew Lane, 34, 2508 Dennis Road, to serve five days, stealing.

• Chad Taroi Brewer, 18, Jefferson City, Cole County hold, third degree assault.

• Joseph Vencil Frasher, 22, Fulton, Cole County hold, second degree assault, theft.

• Ricky Lee Bailey, 23, Cole Camp, failure to appear, possession of marijuana.

• Dennis Lee Dotson, 47, 313 East Saline, 24-hour hold, second degree domestic assault.

• Bruce Andrew Gullett, 25, 910 East Third, 24-hour hold, third degree domestic assault.

• Buddy Neil Sanderson, 33, 209 West Seventh, driving while intoxicated.

• Calvin Hutson, 33, Jefferson City, resisting, distribution and possession of marijuana.

• Derek Lamont Powell, 34, St. Louis, Cole County hold, defrauding, passing a bad check.

• Cedrick Jerome McCrary, 21, Jefferson City, Cole County hold, possession, distribution of marijuana.

• Mark Wilson Garrison, 56, Jefferson City, Cole County hold, driving while intoxicated.

• Daren Darnell Carter, 39, Jefferson City, Cole County hold, distribution of marijuana.

• Shunta Lamont Adams, 33, Jefferson City, Cole County hold, distribution, possession, delivery of cocaine.

• Chad Lee Alexander, 40, Jefferson City, Cole County hold, first degree child molestation; selling, manufacture of drug paraphernalia.

• Malcolm L. Briscoe, 20, 621 West Cooper, 24-hour hold, peace disturbance.

• Sabastian Tyler Madson, 19, Windsor, 30-day commitment, stealing.

• Chiron Byarie Webb, 19, 504 East 10th, 24-hour hold, resisting or interfering with a felony arrest.

• Tami Lin Reno, 27, 1213 Elm Hills Blvd., investigative hold.

• Eugene William Sharp, 26, 1305 East Boonville, Lot 1313, failure to appear, back fines.

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