Arrests 04-19-11

April 19, 2011

in Police Reports

The Pettis County Sheriff’s Department has released the following arrest reports:

• Joshua Alan Groves, 19, Warsaw, suspended or revoked license.

• Austin W. Kramer, 19, Warsaw, possession of marijuana.

• Leland C. Ambery, 19, 1102 East Fourth, stealing.

• Michael Dean Burgess, 18, 1609 East Fourth, stealing.

• David Lee Paxton, 49, 1615 East Fourth, 24-hour hold, receiving stolen property; 24-hour investigative hold, receiving stolen property.

• Tony Allen Hughes, 30, 417 East Third, 24-hour hold, receiving stolen property.

• Steven Wayne Steid-

ley, 36, 1803 East Sixth, 24-hour investigative hold, receiving stolen property; failure to appear, driving while susspended.

• Rodney Sterling Johnson, 40, 24510 Oak Grove Lane, 48-hour commitment.

• Stewart William Kimbrell, 38, 6507 Monsees Drive, failure to appear for driving while revoked and drug paraphernalia.

• Barry Ray Pabst, 24, Cole Camp, 48-hour commitment, driving while intoxicated.

• Derek Bradley Hughes, 23, 22149 Swope Lane, failure to appear for possession of up to 35 grams of marijuana; failure to appear, stealing.

• Jennifer Lynn Jones, 34, 209 West Seventh, failure to appear.

• Barbara Estelle Shull, 28, Kansas City, stealing.

• Eric Wayne Dotson, 31, 1305 East Boonville, driving while revoked.

• Stephen Allen Curtner, 33, 406 North Quincy, federal parole violation.

• Brenden Robert VanWinkle, 32, 25015 Anderson School Road, failure to appear, destruction of property.

• Jamauhle Donale Brown, 29, 709 West Cooper, tampering with physical evidence; felon in possession of a firearm; parole warrant; armed criminal action, first degree murder; first degree burglary; committing a felony in the furtherance of street gang activity.

• Matthew Ray Eppenauer, 24, 809 North New York, 24-hour hold, second degree burglary.

• Shane Steven Ruth, 22, 26763 Seven Hill Road, 24-hour hold, second degree burglary.

• Shelia R. Swope, 19, Otterville, 24-hour hold, second degree burglary; failure to appear, shoplifting.

• Alicia Lynn Ulmer, 30, 701 South Enginer, 120-day commitment, second degree assault.

• Christopher Allen Pummil, 29, California, Mo., probation violation, stealing.

• Cedrick Jerome McCrary, 21, Jefferson City, Cole County hold, distributing marijuana; possession of marijuana; traffic; failure to appear.

• Terel Antonio Williams, St.Louis, Cole County hold, distributing cocaine.

• James William Fox, 28, Cole County, distributing marijuana.

• Calvin Hutson, 33, Jefferson City, Cole County hold, distributing marijuana; resisting; driving while revoked; possession of marijuana.

• Dawn M. Hagan, 52, Clinton, driving while intoxicated.

• Jonathan Julian Rutledge, 22, Thermopolis, Wyo, 24-hour commitment, traffic.

• Justin Daniel Forck, 22, Jefferson City, purchasing or possession of intoxicating liquor by a minor.

• Robert Wesley Vaughn, 20, Cole County, possession of intoxicating liquor by a minor.

• Corey Emeka Thames, 32, Jefferson City, second degree assault; drivingwhile suspended.

• Erica Lynne Spain, 23, 235 South Prospect, 96-hour commitment, speeding.

• Hyacinth Jennifer Ras-

mussen, 37, Smithton, failure to appear on felony burglary, theft; failure to appear on felony possession of a controlled substance.

• Allan Sedano, 40, Paracho, Mexico, second degree vehicular assaltwhile intoxicated; operating a motor vehicle without a valid license; failure to wear a seat belt; failure to yield the right-of-way; failure to obey a traffic control device.

• Aaron Clinton Brooks, 22, Holden, probation violation, receiving stolen property.

• Alex Ron Elliott, 25, Centerview, parole violation.

• Dustin Ray Mace, 26, St. Joseph, Buchanan County commitment, stealing.

• Clinton Tyler Clough, 23, Sedalia, 24-hour hold, possession of a controlled substance.

• Matthew R. Wilson, 27, 1820 South Osage, 24-hour hold, resisting or interfering with a felony arrest; stealing (three counts); burglary; receiving stolen property.

• David J. Peak, 26, 1204 South Park, failure to obey.

• Harold Mitchell Wa-

shington, 37, Knob Noster, assault.

• Gregory Kenley Campbell, 50, Kansas City, driving while intoxicated; drinking while driving; exceeding the posted speed limit.

• Joshua Lawrence Ba-ker, 27, 21914 Palmer Road, probation violation, driving while intoxicated and driving while revoked.

• Scott Dean Woolery, 24, 1100 East 11th, 24-hour hold for supplying liquor to a minor; 24-hour hold, second degree statutory rape.

• Stephen Gene Lappat, 22, 1017 East Nith, passing a bad check; possessing marijuana; suspended or revoked license.

• Kevin Wallace Powell, 46, 420 West Seventh, probation violation, neglect of a child.

• Amanda Lea Hamm, 29, 321 Scott Joplin Court, failure to return property; failure to appear.

• Dorothy Lanell Treese, 21, Mora, failure to appear.

• Reynaldo Bedolla, 20, 608-1/2 South Grand, 48-hour commitment, driving while revoked.

• Bradley Paul Vansteeenburgh, 39, 1228 Liberty Park Blvd., probation violation.

• Stuart Michael Wistrom, 27, 506 North Quincy, 24-hour hold, first degree child molestation.

• Susan Dawn McNeal, 30, 26061 Forest Ridge Road, 24-hour hold, forgery.

• Robert D. Weller, 55, LaMonte, one-year commitment, driving while intoxicated.

• Carl A. Hartley, 22, 603 South New York, pursuing or killing wildlife illegally.

• Candice Ann Wagenknecht, 28, Smithton, 24-hour hold, driving while intoxicated; 24-hour hold, operating a motor vehicle while license was revoked; 24-hour hold, leaving the scene of an accident.

• Christopher Daniel McKinzie, 28, 1020 South Vermong, first degree burglary; stealing; second degree property damage.

• Jimmie Allen Ray, 37, 731 East Fifth, 48-hour commitment, suspended or revoked license.

• Timothy Eugene Estes, 49, 2424 West Third, 48-hour commitment, driving while intoxicated.

• Christopher Edward Toalson, 52, 31602 Rose Road, 48-hour commitment, driving while intoxicated.

1011 South Lamine, failure to appear for peace disturbance.

• Richard Curtis Glover, 31, Union Mo., 48-hour commitment, defective equipment.

• William Scott Oberg, 22,Concordia, larceny.

• Ronald Lee Bass, 48, 530 East Fourth, third degree domestic assault (two counts).

• Ronta Leeshundi Car-

ter, 29, 308 McAnally, failure to appear, violation of education requirements for a child.

• Edward Garnel Marshall, 37, 108 West Johnson, 24-hour hold, use or possession of drug paraphernalia; 24-hour hold, first degree trespassing.

• Louis Albert Greeley, 30, Warsaw, 48-hour commitment, driving while revoked.

• Thomas Michael Car-

ver, 31, Smithton, failure to appear, property damage.

• Gina Yavon Rogers, 48, 200 East Tower, 48-hour commitment, driving while intoxicated.

• Timothy Michael Hurl-

but, 28, 620 West Fifth, suspended or revoked license.

• Kalli Lynn Jenkins, 44, 411 East Third, 24-hour hold, second degree burglary; 24-hour hold, stealing.

• Ashley Ann Michael, 24, 701 South Lafayette, 24-hour hold, second degree burglary; 24-hour hold, stealing.

• John Roger Dory, 29, Otterville, driving a motor vehicle while license was suspended.

• Richard Hillery Spencer, 19, Knob Noster, 48-hour commitment, hit-and-run.

• Esther LorenaDean, 32, Kansas City, passing a bad check; possession of drug paraphernalia.

• Stephen Matthew Lane, 34, 2508 Dennis Road, 10-day commitment, stealing.

• Brandyn Garrete Rhule, 19, 100 Roadrunner Court, suspended or revoked license.

• Amanda Latissia Hall, 23, 914 East Sixth, passing a bad check.

• Sarah Darlene Mcateer, 20, 319 West 16th, passing a bad check.

• Halia Marie Carr, 44, Clinton, failure to appear, shoplifting.

• Michelle Denise Carroll, 25, Cole Camp, 24-hour hold, stealing; 24-hour hold, possession of a controlled substance.

• Seth Ivan Ream, 19, 25750 State Highway HH, 14-day commitment, speeding.

• Daniel Clayton Pritchard, 54, 29550 Rattlesnake Road, five-day commitment.

• Ernest L. Garrison, 33, Sweet Springs, failure to appear.

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